Agriculture and Climate Change



DAPP Zambia’s agriculture and climate change programs support small holder farmers to increase production, income, resilience and address the impact of climate change. Our approach to supporting sustainable agriculture and environment puts farmers and their families at the centre of all activities.

We set up Farmers’ Clubs to share new farming methods and knowledge. We mobilise the farmers to act together improving production, support one another with finance for expansion, conduct collective marketing and much more, for them to advance together towards common goals.

  • We work with 536 Farmers’ Clubs in 8 districts situated in Southern, Eastern and Central provinces of Zambia, organising 23,366 smallholder farmers.
  • We support Young Farmers’ Clubs for youth between 16 to 26 years of age under the slogan “Proud to be Rural”
  • We promote conservation agriculture using Climate Smart Techniques, diversification of production including small livestock, fish farming, etc.
  • Farmers are linked to inputs, markets, micro finance and insurance.




  Our Projects

 Young Farmers’ Club Project:

The Young Farmers’ Clubs in Chibombo come in handy as a solution for the youth to create employment opportunities for themselves. The 300 young farmers promote conservation farming, financial literacy, and marketing of their farm produce as a group. They grow Moringa trees and add value through processing and packaging of the Moringa Powder which they sell under the slogan “Proud to be Rural”. Read more 


Smallholder Farmers' Support Project Southern Province:

The Smallholder Farmers’ Support Program in Southern Province builds resilience for farmers to cope with, and adapt to increased incidence of climate shocks that has intensified their inability to improve their well-being. The project implementation is led by a team of 21 Project Leaders, each working closely with a group of 500 farmers, who are organised in 10 Farmers’ Clubs of 40-60 farmers each. Read more 


Integrated Nutrition & Smallholder Farmer Support Project:

The Integrated Nutrition and Smallholder Farmers’ Support programme aims at promoting diversified agriculture, access to viable and functional markets, managing of food waste, knowledge gaps, as well as promotion of feeding practices and nutrition situation among the targeted beneficiaries. The project is expected, in the long term, to contribute to enhanced resilience against the effects of climate change, and food and nutrition insecurity in the targeted districts. Read more


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