For the past 30 years DAPP Zambia has actively been involved in long-term development projects, working in various thematic areas of Education, Integrated Community Development, Agriculture and Climate Change, Health and fight against HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Fundraising Business and Humanitarian Actions.


News from the projects

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The Child-Aid Mongu, a project that aims at improving the health, welfare and living conditions of vulnerable adolescents…


Masauso Banda, sat nervously as he awaited the results for the HIV test he had just taken, even though the Psychosocial…
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John Hamakando was 16 years old when he was arrested for theft involving a mobile phone. After spending 8 months in command,…
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Total Control of the Epidemic 2020

Hot spot HIV testing in Southern Province February 2020 The DAPP Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) Project is youth led…


For Harriet Muzembo, a DAPP Field Officer under the Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) project at Kalingalinga Clinic in…

Thematic Areas


  DAPP’s pedagogy is characterised by creating a space for students of all ages to be the drivers and navigators of their own training, in a collective setting where studying together and individually goes hand in hand. Exploring the reality of life and using..... MOD_MACB_READ_MORE_TITLE Education

Health and fight against HIV/AIDS

  DAPP works with communities to leverage Zambia’s Ministry of Health in promoting health interventions and services. DAPP is enabling individual community members to take centre-stage in safeguarding their own health and wellbeing. To achieve this,..... MOD_MACB_READ_MORE_TITLEHealth and...

Human Rights

Our Human Rights projects give skills and knowledge to offenders and strengthen the reintegration response in Correctional Facilities and Juvenile Centres to prevent ex-offenders from reoffending after release, so as to give them a better restart of their lives.     ..... MOD_MACB_READ_MORE_TITLE Human Rights

Community Development

DAPP Child Aid establishes structures including Community Action Groups and Savings and Lending Groups, which focus on shared skills and knowledge development to identify and create wealth from resources within their reach. It promotes the use of diversity and..... MOD_MACB_READ_MORE_TITLECommunity...

Agriculture and Climate Change

  DAPP Zambia’s agriculture and climate change programs support small holder farmers to increase production, income, resilience and address the impact of climate change. Our approach to supporting sustainable agriculture and environment puts..... MOD_MACB_READ_MORE_TITLEAgriculture...

Clothes and Shoes

DAPP’s sale of second hand clothes and shoes has been developed over many years as a social enterprise to create double value in promoting sustainability and supporting social development projects across Zambia. The sales fund social..... MOD_MACB_READ_MORE_TITLEClothes and...


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The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for Southern and Eastern Africa has highlighted DAPP Zambia’s response to COVID 19 on the needs of inmates in Correctional Facilities and those of Street Children.

In the article published on its website dated September 3, 2020, OCHA says that, “in collaboration with the Government of Zambia and partners, DAPP has supported nearly 2,000 inmates in nine correctional facilities, including three for juveniles, by providing them with life skills and emphasizing the need to abide by COVID-19 regulations in prisons.”

The article says DAPP Zambia Managing Director, “Ms Soerensen and her team have installed “Tippy Taps” – hand washing facilities made from small containers – in some villages and provided training to communities on how to stay safe” and that, “amid the socioeconomic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, DAPP has also enabled several youth living with HIV to start self-help groups to support one another.”

The report further reveals that, “since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, DAPP has reached more than 500,000 people directly through sensitization about the coronavirus, including with guidance on prevention measure." read here for the full article

DAPP under COVID 19

ZAMFAM sensitizes 70,000 Families on COVID-19 Prevention

The Zambia Family South Central (ZAMFAM SC) Project has sensitized over 70,000 families on the measures of combating the corona virus in their communities in Southern and Central Provinces of Zambia.

COVID-19 Outreach School Programme keeps Children up-to-date

DAPP Children’s Town , Outreach Learning Programme during the closure of schools due to COVID-19, has kept none examination class pupils current with their education syllabus.

Films from the projects

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