DAPP Children’s Town , Outreach Learning Programme during the closure of schools due to COVID-19, has kept none examination class pupils current with their education syllabus.

The School Learning Programme has 397 pupils from preschool to Grade 6 that it grouped into four different meeting places to easy up the learning process. Geoffrey Ndiwa, School Patron explained that at the centres before grouping the pupils into their different grades, they are given masks to wear, sanitize their hands and we explain to them the importance of sitting apart.

“The whole idea of the programme is to keep learners up-to-date with school work. Since we are not allowed to be teaching, our job is to give them tasks which they do at home for a week and then bring them back for marking,” Ndiwa said.

The tasks come with instructions from the teachers. The pupils go through the tasks in “Trios” (groups of three pupils). This helps slow learners understand the tasks before going home.

“At home the learners find time to work in their Trio groups and those parents who are able, participate in coaching the pupils on their tasks. This kind of learning has helped so much because it’s participatory. Parents are able to monitor the progress of their children’s learning process,” Ndiwa added.

The programme has given teachers experience of understanding various methods of teaching they were not exposed to during their training. At the initial stage the teachers went door to door sensitising families about COVID 19 and selling the idea of the programme to the communities, receiving an overwhelming support.

“We teach from open places. At first it felt awkward, but now we have gained a lot of experience. Our friends from other schools used to say, ‘why should a teacher follow a pupil?’ But for us what matters is the passion we have to help the pupils. We now understand them more than before. We now understand why some pupils get late to school for instance, because we cycle the very long distances which they walk to come to school,” Ndiwa revealed.

The programme has made learners to be up-to-date with the subject syllabuses, and it has also enhanced the good relationship between the school and the communities and this means the pupils will not be behind with school work when schools re-open.

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