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Nearly, half of all children in Zambia attend community schools. Getting a quality education is crucial for children attending community schools. However, quality education has been overlooked at these schools. DAPP Zambia worked with Fundacion Pueblo Pare Pueblo under the European Union supported enhancing quality of education through community school project in 160 community schools reaching 50,000 vulnerable children in Northern, Muchinga and Central Provinces.

The Project worked within 5 districts, namely; Chibombo, Mkushi, Mpika, Kasama and Mungwi to improve quality of life through quality education for the vulnerable children. The quality of education was enhanced by training teachers to improve performance; improving the Parents’ Community School Committees’ (PCSCs) involvement in the running of community schools; improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practices; empowering vulnerable households economically; and documenting and sharing the project’s lessons learnt and best practices. 

To ensure that community schools were incorporated into government structures, the Enhancing Quality Education through Community Schools project increased advocacy to compel government for improved support and the delivery of improved services to community schools. This allowed for an increase in government teachers placement to community schools.

The main goal of the project was improved early grading and increased Grade Seven pass rate for the pupil. 25% increase in retention of teachers, 25% reduction in pupils’ dropout rate and 25% increase in attendance.

Project funder:        European Union

Project Duration:    3 years (November 2014 to October 2017)

Project Partner:       Ministry of Education and Fundacion Pueblo Pare Pueble

Target Areas:          Chibombo and Mkushi in Central Province.

                               Mpika in Muchinga Province.

                               Kasama and Mungwi in Northern Province.

Community Schools Enhancement - End of Evaluation Report

Following the closure of the Community Schools Enhancement Project which was implemented in 160 Community Schools and reaching over 50, 000 vulnerable children in Zambia, Development Aid from People to People Zambia (DAPP) and the Fundacion Puebro Para Pueblo (FPP) with support from the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Zambia commissioned an end of project evaluation report.

The report presents the findings of the end of project evaluation of the Non-State Actors Action entitled “Enhancement of Quality Education through Community Schools in Northern, Muchinga and Central Provinces of Zambia.

Click below to download report:

www.dappzambia.org/files/44/Project%C2%A0fact sheets/89/Community_Schools Enhancement_Endof Project_Evaluation_Report.pdf






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