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"Training another kind of a teacher"

Mkushi College of Education offers a 3 year Teacher Education Diploma Course, based on the Government new approved curriculum, and affiliated to the University of Zambia. The students undergo practical skills in agriculture, a national and international educational tour, teaching practice in local neighbouring schools as well as doing community work in schools where they offer their services. In 2021 the college had 143 students.

Determination of Modern Methods - DMM

The DMM program categorises the learning time into; Studies, Courses and Experiences. This method establishes the students as the main navigator of their own training and secures ample knowledge and access to many and varied knowledge sources at their disposal while they are in training. Within the framework of the programme, the students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge and start to practice and function as proactive teachers. They form Core groups and the DMM and study periods give Core groups the freedom to plan their education period by period, to study in many ways, dig deeper into the subject matter, and further explore special interests and testing it in practice. Subject teachers function as facilitators of learning and give inspirational courses.


International Educational Tour

The students conduct a 3 month international journey in their first year to broaden their horizon, train “survival” skills, team building, and conflict resolution and learn to know other cultures. The students acquire skills that open their minds to become visionaries of change in the communities they serve.

The college equips the students with skills that allow them to provide quality, interactive and child centred learning to pupils. They are trained to have a perspective of desiring to have every child succeed, and making the schools they teach from becoming centres for community development. The college deliberately encourages the students to emerge as role models for girls and reduce Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The insights they gain provide them with a greater comprehension for the world, which strengthens them as citizens not only of Zambia, but of Africa and the world. This method of travel and learning, which puts them in situations where they have to learn to solve all kinds of problems faced during the trip, makes them more mobile and able to adapt to new situations. Each day of new experiences teach them that they are capable of much more than they had originally imagined possible, both individually and collectively.

Learning put into practice

The students are trained to be team players and managers. They all take part in running the College. The principal leads the college; the common meeting for all students to discuss, decide and govern the college and both students and teachers act together to run the college. This includes also when it comes to teaching, catering, cleaning, enrollment, administration, economy, maintenance and various food production activities.

Story of change

Bryson Lungu - College graduate shines more light 

 “When I joined, there were a lot of things that I learned from the college and most of these things I am still using them in my everyday teaching profession. I learnt how to mobilize and organize people. I have this wonderful skill of community mobilization without fail. I visit communities to be part of them and this makes parents of my pupils happy and trusts me as a teacher. With this skill, the organization that I work for, Educore Services in Zambia appointed me senior teacher since January 2017. DMM is another program I went through during my college years. This is a program to do with ICT. As a twenty first century teacher, it is very important to equip ourselves with the modern technology. The program has really helped me to adapt to the teaching styles and methods used at Educore Services. I also help Educore Services with sign writing and I am actively involved in sporting activities and mobilization of school clubs.”

Enrollment Information

Requirements: 5 O’Levels including English Language and Mathematics

Benefits: Fees inclusive of tuition, accommodation, educational trip to SADC countries

Contact: Enrollment Committee

Mobile: +260-977-674-302; +260-972-500-308; +260-977-334-576

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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