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The Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) programme implemented in Lusaka, Eastern, Southern and Western provinces works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health in providing HIV testing, TB screening and retention in treatment to achieve elimination of HIV and TB by 2030. The main targets of the TCE programme fall into nine areas:

1. Find the people, who do not know their HIV status and offer them an HIV test;

2. Link those who test HIV positive to treatment and thereafter provide treatment support;

3. Support babies born to HIV positive mothers to stay negative;

4. Trace those who have fallen out of ARV treatment and support them to they return to treatment;

5. Help those on treatment to form support groups of any kind to stick together about adhering to treatment;

6. Help those who are HIV negative, but are in risk of HIV infection to choose prevention methods such as delayed sexual debut, reduce number of partners, condom use, voluntary medical male circumcision, pre-exposure prophylaxis and more.

7. Assist those in intimate partner violence with one of one communication to build courage for them to seek health services in one-stop centres;

8. Assist those testing HIV positive to get on TB preventive therapy.

9. Screen and collect sputum samples for testing for Tuberculosis, and assist to get on TB treatment.

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Currently, DAPP implements the TCE programme in four provinces highly affected by HIV, Eastern, Lusaka, Southern and Western provinces. TCE supports 532 bigger and smaller Hospitals and Health Facilities in 35 districts.

TCE provides technical collaboration and sharing of best community work practices with the Ministry of Health, sharing knowledge gained through its implementation experience over the years, to help locate more HIV positive cases so that effective treatment programmes can be put in place and those infected can be supported through sustained treatment. TCE receives technical support from United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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