Human Rights


Our Human Rights projects give skills and knowledge to offenders and strengthen the reintegration response in Correctional Facilities and Juvenile Centres to prevent ex-offenders from reoffending after release, so as to give them a better restart of their lives.                  

Partnering with PANOS, Ubumi Correctional Facility Initiative, and the Government of Zambia we are implementing a project that helps inmates improve their own lives outside correctional facilities and win their communities’ acceptance. This is done by strengthening rehabilitation services for inmates and juvenile offenders through imparting life skills, and improving reintegration services to allow for their smooth transition after release.

Human Rights in Correctional and Juvenile Facilities

The “Incarcerated Populations Rights to a Productive Future is their Human Right” is implemented in 3 juvenile facilities; Nakambala Approved School, Katombora Reformatory School in Kazungula, and Insakwe Probation Hostel, and in 8 adult Correctional Facilities in 3 provinces. The project works closely with partners to conduct services in Systems Strengthening, Juvenile Conveyance, Diversion Programme and reintegration. Read more


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