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DAPP works with communities to leverage Zambia’s Ministry of Health in promoting health interventions and services. DAPP is enabling individual community members to take centre-stage in safeguarding their own health and wellbeing. To achieve this, DAPP engages community members of diverse backgrounds and influence, among them local, traditional and faith-based leaders, neighbourhood health committee members,community health workers, psychosocial counsellors, peer educators and volunteers who reach out to their own communities with key health information and interventions.

DAPP adopts and employs a holistic approach to the fight against major health problems.

  • HIV Prevention, Diagnosis at home and Care;
  • TB Prevention, Linkage and Care until cured;
  • Maternal and Child Health;
  • Gender Based Violence Prevention;
  • Nutrition and Infants’ first 1000 days;
  • Water and Sanitation;
  • Malaria Prevention, Malaria Test and Treat.

     MAIN RESULTS FOR 2020           


Our Projects

Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) Project

The ‘Total Control of the Epidemic’ (TCE) approach empowers people at-risk to take control of their own health, make informed decisions to reduce their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, and decide for adherence. Through a combination of tailor-made HIV services. Read more

  HOPE Youth HIV Prevention Project

The HOPE Youth HIV Prevention project contributes to the control of the HIV/TB epidemic in Zambia by increasing the capacity of young people and their community structures to effectively compliment efforts to control the HIV/TB pandemic. Read more

Sexual and Reproductive Health for All Initiative (SARAI) Project

The Sexual and Reproductive Health for All Initiative (SARAI) was a five year project with the goal of increasing modern contraceptive prevalence rate by 2% annually through increased and improved quality of family planning and sexual and reproductive health (FP/SRH). Read more


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