Thematic Areas

Community Development

DAPP Child Aid establishes structures including Community Action Groups and Savings and Lending Groups, which focus on shared skills and knowledge development to identify and create wealth from resources within their reach. It promotes the use of diversity and improved farming methods and technologies, as well as stakeholder engagement.

The approach recognises that poor health exacerbates poverty and vulnerability by reducing a family's work productivity. DAPP tackles this through a three-tier approach of prevention, treatment and aftercare services, reaching beneficiaries with services through community-based actors such as Community Health Workers, Safe Motherhood Action Groups, youth champions and volunteers to combat disease including HIV, TB and Malaria, to improve nutrition, mother and child health as well as access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

  • Organising families in Community Action Groups for them to work together and improve the living conditions, health and survival of their children.
  • Building the capacity of community structures such as Community Welfare Assistance Committees for long term sustainability.
  • Working with and training Savings and Lending Groups to build economic resilience.
  • Reaching out to young populations with heath awareness programmes, skills training and economic empowerment.
  • Involving the whole community to identify the change we need to see and to find solutions using available resources.



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Our Projects

Mumena Child Aid Project

The Mumena Child Aid Project seeks to empower individuals, families and communities to make positive changes in their own lives. In 2019 it worked with 1,400 people in 60 Village Action Groups. Read more

ZAMFAM SC Project:

The main objective of the ZAMFAM SC Project is to support vulnerable children and adolescents infected with, affected by or vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and their families. It operates in 14 districts of Central and Southern Province of Zambia. Read more

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