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One of the leading causes of death among people living with HIV is Tuberculosis (TB). TB is an opportunistic infection (OI), that is, it occurs more often or more severely in people with weakened immune systems than in people with healthy immune systems. HIV weakens the immune system, increasing… Read More
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Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) Project

Hot spot HIV testing in Southern Province February 2020 The DAPP Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) Project is youth led and youth focused. -It works in the communities of 475 health facility catchment areas in 40 districts. -TCE has the approach to empower people at-risk (amongst adolescents,… Read More
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Children’s Town School

"Transforming potential of vulnerable children into productivity" Children’s Town school offers education from Preschool to Grade 9. The preschool stage uses a child friendly teaching method called ‘Preschool of the Future’ that develops children’s learning ability using their hands, minds,… Read More

Mkushi College of Education

"Training another kind of a teacher" Mkushi College of Education offers a 3 year Teacher Education Diploma Course, based on the Government new approved curriculum, and affiliated to the University of Zambia. The students undergo practical skills in agriculture, a national and international… Read More

Mumena Vocational Training Centre

"Giving Young People Skills for a Head Start" Mumena Vocational Training Centre is run at Mumena Project. It provides young people with an opportunity to learn skills which enhance their employability, and to be their own bosses through self-employment. The trained young people use the skills… Read More

Mumena Child Aid Project

"Empowering Communities to make Positive Changes in Life" The Child Aid Mumena project emphasizes on a community-based perspective, which seeks to empower individuals, families and communities to make positive changes in their own lives. In 2019, the project worked with 1,400 people in 60 Village… Read More

HOPE Youth HIV Prevention Project

“Empowering young people to take full control of the HIV/TB epidemic” The HOPE Youth HIV Prevention Project contributes to the control of the HIV/TB epidemic in Zambia by increasing the capacity of young people and their community structures to effectively complement efforts to control the HIV/TB… Read More

Second Hand Clothes and Shoes Project

“Initiative to improve people’s welfare” DAPP Zambia has been using the capital raised from the sale of second hands clothes and shoes to plough back into social projects that help communities improve their lives. Through this venture, more than 100 development projects from the surplus funds of… Read More

Integrated Nutrition & Smallholder Farmer Support Project

“Promoting nutrition and health to mothers, children and farmers” DAPP Zambia is implementing the Integrated Nutrition Smallholder Farmer Support project aimed at promoting diversified agriculture, access to viable and functional markets, managing of food waste, knowledge gaps as well as promotion… Read More

Zambia Family South-Central (ZAMFAM SC) Project

 "Changing lives of vulnerable children and building livelihood resilience in their families" ZAMFAM South Central Project works towards the improvement, care and resilience of vulnerable populations while supporting HIV epidemic control in Zambia. Since inception, the project has accelerated… Read More

SARAI: Sexual and Reproductive Health for All Initiative

"Better choices for healthier families" Sexual and Reproductive Health for All Initiative (SARAI) was a five year project implemented in the three provinces of Zambia namely, Luapula, Muchinga and Copperbelt. The goal of the project was to increase modern contraceptive prevalence rate by 2%… Read More
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Smallholder Farmers’ Support Project in Southern Province

Farmers’ Clubs for climate smart agriculture DAPP Zambia works with Farmers’ Clubs projects in Southern province. The Club life comes with technical assistance, model farming, field visits, low cost technical solutions, and exchange of collectively gained experiences, crop insurance, linkage to… Read More

Elimination of Malaria

An Anopheles mosquito is a lying factory for the parasite that causes malaria in humans. By hosting and spreading these parasites, malaria in Zambia accounts for nearly four million clinically diagnosed cases per year, 8000 death and accounts for 20 per cent of maternal death, according to the… Read More

Human Rights in Correctional Facilities

"Promoting systems, health and legal requirements for inmates" DAPP Zambia started to work in Correctional Facilities in the TCE projects 10 years ago, focusing on support to those living with HIV. In the organisation started to implement the “Human Rights in Correctional Facilities” in 8… Read More

Tuberculosis in Mines Zambia project

Mine-workers in the Southern African region have among the highest rates of tuberculosis (TB) in the world. The World Health Organization estimated 9.6 million new cases of TB every year and mine-workers are, at three-times greater risk of contracting TB when compared to the general population.… Read More

Young Farmers’ Clubs

"Proud to be Rural" While majority of youths see their future outside farming, the DAPP Young Farmers’ Clubs in Chibombo come in handy as a solution for the youth to create employment opportunities for themselves. As the challenge is to make the agricultural activities competitive through… Read More

Community School Enhancement Project

Nearly, half of all children in Zambia attend community schools. Getting a quality education is crucial for children attending community schools. However, quality education has been overlooked at these schools. DAPP Zambia worked with Fundacion Pueblo Pare Pueblo under the European Union supported… Read More

Improving Access to ECCDE for Children in Central, Luapula and Northern Provinces of Zambia

This project was funded by UNICEF and implemented in Mumbwa and Chibombo Districts in the Central Province, Samfya and Mungwi Districts in Luapula and Northern Provinces, respectively. The objective of the project was to improve early childcare, development and education (ECCDE) for 10,000 through… Read More

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