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 Proud to be Rural

While majority of youths see their future outside farming, the DAPP Young Farmers’ Clubs in Chibombo come in handy as a solution for the youth to create employment opportunities for themselves.

As the challenge is to make the agricultural activities competitive through innovation and investment in supportive rural agricultural goods and services; these 300 young farmers provide a platform for themselves to interact and share information on innovative and sustainable farming methods and markets.

They also promote conservation farming, financial literacy and marketing of their farm produce. They add value to Moringa and groundnuts through processing and packaging them into Moringa Powder and Peanut Butter respectively, produce honey as well and promote them under the slogan “Proud to be rural”. 

As a result of the promising income outlook, a Moringa production and value addition equipment, was installed inside a built drying shed to enhance production.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Smallholder Farmers' Support Project Southern Province: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/the-zambian-family-south-centralzamfam-sc-project

Integrated Nutrition & Smallholder Farmer Support Project: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/integrated-nutrition-smallholder-farmer-support-project    

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