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DAPP Zambia is implementing the Integrated Nutrition Smallholder Farmer Support project aimed at promoting diversified agriculture, access to viable and functional markets, managing of food waste, knowledge gaps as well as promotion of feeding practices and nutrition situation among the targeted beneficiaries in Katete, Nyimba, Petauke, Lundazi, Monze and Namwala Districts.

The project looks foward to enhancing resilience against the effects of climate change and food and nutrition situation in the targeted districts. In 2019 the project enrolled 6,640 smallholder farmers and they formed 160 Farmers’ Clubs consisting of 40 farmers per club. In the coming year the program will reach 12,500 farmers.

The project works with pregnant and lactating women, supporting children under two years, reaching adolescents with messages on health, nutrition and production of nutritious Foods. Among farmers within Clubs, 641 lead farmers were selected to spearhead intervention in improved agriculture and a further 619 were selected as nutrition champions to spearhead the dissemination of nutrition messages among farmers.

Each of the 56 enrolled schools established School Health Nutrition Clubs, which were supported to establish vegetable gardens that will act as school fields for the school going adolescents. Farmers in Nyimba, Katete, Petauke, Lundazi, and Monze districts were supported in installing 28 manual rain gauges to be managed by 81 trained rain gauge minders who will also be recording rain.


Smallholder Farmers' Support Project Southern Province: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/the-zambian-family-south-centralzamfam-sc-project

Young Farmers’ Clubs Project: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/climate-smart-agriculture-and-entrepreneurship-in-young-farmers-clubs-project


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