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Giving Young People Skills for a Head Start

Mumena Vocational Training Centre is run at Mumena Project. It provides young people with an opportunity to learn skills which enhance their employability, and to be their own bosses through self-employment. The trained young people use the skills acquired to compete favourably in the informal sector.

The programme is a 6-month two-tier mixed-farming course of learning theory, and is also closely linked to the existing Mumena Farm activities as part of their practical learning.

To enhance community engagement, the training programme is linked to Child Aid project operation areas, which engages members to identify youths from within the communities to enrol in the training programme. After their graduation, the Child Aid project provides them with support through the various project interventions.

The first student intake began in June 2019 with 28 students, and ended in December 2019, and recorded an 89% pass rate. Thirty students have enrolled for the 2020 first intake.

The courses

The 2019 Training Syllabus focused on mixed farming with these core courses:

Horticulture production; students grew various vegetables, crops and fruits at Mumena project farm.

Village chickens rearing from which students learnt the full process of chicken production.

Fish farming skills that provided viable business prospects for the students as Fish Farming has not been fully explored in Zambia until now.

Entrepreneurship and Marketing skills; enabled students to see farming as a business with potential to generate income.

Internal Saving and Lending skills that enables them to utilise their potential earnings from farm production and learn the strength of collective savings.


Mumena Project: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/mumena-project

SARAI Project: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/sarai-sexual-and-reproductive-health-for-all-initiative

ZAMFAM SC Project: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/the-zambian-family-south-central-zamfam-sc-project


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