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DAPP Zambia works with Farmers’ Clubs projects in Southern province.  The Club life comes with technical assistance, model farming, field visits, low cost technical solutions, and exchange of collectively gained experiences, crop insurance, linkage to micro finance and markets as well as internal collective savings arrangements among the members.

 In 2018/2019 farming season, the project worked with 10,835 farmers in 3 districts of Pemba, Namwala and Monze, implemented by a team of 21 Project Leaders and 12 other staff. Each project leader worked closely with a group of 500 farmers who are organised in 10 Farmers’ Clubs, each with 40-60 farmers.

 During the year, the project conducted activities in all the six interventions areas of:

 i. Conservation agriculture;

ii. Crop insurance;

iii. Savings for change;

iv. Access to agricultural loans;

v. Market access;

vi. Access to climatic information services.

 A total of 9,895.75 hectors of land was prepared under conservation agriculture by 8,498 farmers representing an average of 1.16 ha per farmer. The project enrolled 5,835 beneficiaries into the 2019/2020 season and had them, insured for Weather Index Insurance. Two hundred and twenty-two (222) savings groups were supervised while 204 groups graduated. The total value of cumulative savings for the 2019/2020 cycle was K1,114,322 while the average value of savings per group was K5,019.


Integrated Nutrition & Smallholder Farmer Support Project: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/integrated-nutrition-smallholder-farmer-support-project    

Young Farmers’ Clubs Project: http://www.dappzambia.org/projects/climate-smart-agriculture-and-entrepreneurship-in-young-farmers-clubs-project

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